SOMFL’ Franchise Tag Team Constitution Contents


  1. League Structure, Schedule & Post Season
  2. Game Rules & Options
  3. Usage Limits
  4. QB/WR, Kick Return Defense & Penalty Cards
  5. Frequency of Games and Game Reporting
  6. Post Season Usage Limits
  7. Participation and Communication
  8. Sportsmanship


SOMFL’s Franchise Tag Team is a league where coaches choose a year and then builds his team with an offensive squad of one franchise and a defensive squad from another. For example a coach chooses 1963 and chooses the Bears defense and the Charger offense. A franchise may be represented more than once but two coaches may not select the same offensive or defensive squad. For example one coach may choose the 85 Bears offense and another may only use the 85 Bears defense.


Special teams players may come from either year with the following restriction. Example: If a coach chooses the 67 Packers for his offense and the 67 Raiders for his defense, Travis Williams may return kicks since he is on the Packer offense and Roger Bird may return punts because he is on the Oakland defensive squad. The same would apply to kickers and punters.


1. League Structure, Schedule & Post Season

·      15 teams in 3 Divisions.

·      Teams will play a 12 game schedule.

·      Three Division winners and two wild card teams will qualify for post season.

·      Division Tie Breaker

1.   Head to head competition.

2.     Division record.

3.     If tie-breaker is still not resolved, resolution would revert to a playoff game.

·      Wild Card tie breaker is resolved by a playoff game.


2. All Game Options will be ON except:


Individualized Fumbles

In Game Rest System

Great Player Impact

Looser Substitution Restrictions

Empty Flat pass = Guessed Wrong


There will be No Injuries

Will Use Home Team Rules (Coach will choose which squad’s rule set he will use)


3. Usage Limits


Overusage will be set at 135%


4. QB/WR Fumbles, Kick Return and Punt Return & Penalty Cards:


A team will use the QB/WR card from his offensive squad.

Punt and Kick return defense cards will be used from the defensive squad.

Penalty card will be chosen from the either year at the coach’s discretion.


5. Frequency of Games and Game Reporting


Each coach must play approximately one game a week or a minimum of 3 games in a four-week period.  It is up to the opposing coaches to arrange a game time.  If there is going to be a delay the coach shall notify their opponent and the commissioner as soon as possible before the scheduled contest.


To keep things moving if there is going to be a delay in completing a game, please find someone to fill in.


Game reporting to the league is the responsibility of the home team.


6. Post Season Usage Limits


Usage will be set at 135%


7. Participation and Communication


Participation is voluntary, however if you're signed up for this league you are expected to honor your commitment.  Failure to complete games in a timely manner may result in a coach being expelled from the league.  It is understandable that situations may arise where a game may be played late or a week missed. COMMUNICATION is vital. Keep your opponent and the commissioner informed when games must be delayed.  

Repeated failure to participate in a timely manner will result in your team being assigned to a coach on the waiting list.


Primary communication and the dissemination of information will take place by email. Members are also required to sign up for AIM.  



8. Sportsmanship


These leagues are about competition and gamesmanship. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Respect your competitors and above all have fun.  The commissioner will make a determination on most all disputes. All decisions rendered by the commissioner will be final.


Since tie-breakers do not involve points scored, please play nice.


If necessary I’ll appoint a committee of league coaches to resolve issues involving the commissioner.