Game Version:  The latest. 5.0

League Structure: 12 teams organized
into 3 divisions playing a schedule of 12

Post Season:  3 division winners and two
wild cards will advance to post season.  
Wild card ties will be resolved by a playoff. If
there is a tie for division winner, the tie
breaker will be head to head competition
followed by record against
division opponents. Final tie breaker will be
the team with the most blond wives. Just
kidding.  Final tie breaker will be
determined by a playoff game.  The post
season will commence one week after
the conclusion of the regular season to
allow for adequate scouting.

Team Draft:  Initial team selection will be
first-come-first-serve.  Teams will be
redrafted at the beginning of the next
season as soon as possible after the
conclusion of the previous season.
Subsequent team draft order for coaches
will be determined by order of finish from
the previous year.  New coaches to the
league will be randomly placed in the draft
order by the commissioner.  The same
stock team may not be chosen by two
different coaches.  The same franchise
may be represented by more than one
team.  For example the 1968 Dallas
Cowboys and the 1998 Cowboys.

Extra Player: The extra player may be any
player from the franchise on the defensive
or offensive side of the ball.

Trades:  No player trades will be allowed.

Current Computer Game Rules:  Click here
or link above.

Computer Game Rules: All computer
game rules will be on except the following:
1. Individualized fumble ratings.
2. In-Game Rest System.
3. QB Over Usage.
4. Player Over Usage.
5. Empty Flat Pass = Guessed Wrong

Other Rules:
1. No Injuries.
2. Home team rules.

Frequency of Games:  Each coach must
play approximately one game a week or a
minimum of 3 games in a four week
period.  It is up to the opposing coaches
to arrange a game time.  If there is going to
be a delay the coach shall notify their
opponent and the commissioner as soon
as possible before the scheduled contest.

Please designate a substitute coach if the
delay is going to be more than a week.

Game Reporting:  Game reporting to the
league is the responsibility of the home

Durable Player Usage:  There will be no
usage limits on players that meet the
following requirements:  Games/Touches
QB: 16/400, 14/350, 12/300
RB: 16/240, 14/ 210, 12/180

There will be no usage limits for receiving.

Other Player Usage: Any player not
meeting the requirements for unlimited
usage will be restricted to 140% usage for
12 game players, 125% usage for 14 game
players and 110% usage for 16 game
players during the 12 game season.
Although player usage will be turned off in
the rules, each coach is responsible for
monitoring his player's usage. Players that
reach their usage limit for the season must
sit out the rest of the season.

Post Season Player Usage:  Players that
don't qualify for unlimited usage must be
limited to 14% for 12 game players, 12.5%
for 14 game players and 10% for 16 game
players of their actual regular season
usage, rounded up.

Weekly Schedule:  Pre-game files will be
emailed out to the coaches each Sunday
pm.  The Post-game files should be sent
back to the commissioner by the next
Saturday midnight or Sunday am for
processing. Results will be posted as
soon as possible after all post-game files
are received.
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Established - 2005
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