Cost:  League membership is free. We pay
enough for the game already.

Game Version:  The latest. 6.06b (2005

Sportsmanship:  These leagues are about
competition and gamesmanship.  
Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be
tolerated.  Respect your competitors and
above all have fun.  The commissioner will
make a determination on all disputes. All
decisions rendered by the commissioner
will be final.

League Format  & Rules:  Will vary
depending on the league you are
participating in.  Access the different
leagues from the menu bar above or from
the main page.

Participation:  Participation is voluntary,
however if you're signed up for a league
you are expected to honor your
commitment.  Failure to complete games
in a timely manner may result in a coach
being expelled from the league.  It is
understandable that situations may arise
where a game may be played late or a
week missed.
Keep your opponent and the commissioner
informed when games must be delayed.  

Repeated failure to participate in a timely
manner will result in your team being
assigned to a coach on the waiting list.

Communication:  Primary communication
and the dissemination of information will
take place by email. Members are also
required to sign up for AIM.  Visit:
Established - 2005